Air Displays & Sponsorship

Brendan and Skyfever have been involved with major sponsors over a period of 35yrs including Rothmans, Marlboro, Unipart, Ford, Cadburys and Iveco Ford.

Brendan has developed several memorable and unusual firsts for the UK/ European display circuit, including the Fournier Duo Aerial Ballet with Unipart and the famous Truck-top Landing act with Iveco Ford.

Now he has a new speciality - the highly skilled, exciting and unusual “CRAZY FLYING” routine as part of the “O’Brien’s Flying Circus.”

A sponsorship of this show would provide a highly visible and effective advertising platform - in the UK, Europe or worldwide. As well as the high visibility of an aerial act it would be enhanced by the unusual nature of the flying and the international reputation of Brendan O’Brien, one of the most experienced display pilots in the world today. Brendan still holds more records for flying than any other individual.